Mustang Mechanical HVAC Repair and Maintenance Services.

Besides selling the equipment at Mustang Mechanical in Grand Prairie, we also have experienced professionals that can assist with all your heating and cooling service needs. See more about each of our services below.

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  • Service Agreements
    In Grand Prairie, HVAC maintenance is crucial to the efficient and long-lasting performance of your HVAC systems. We typically recommend at least one service visit per year, per unit. With Mustang Mechanical service agreements, we'll help keep your systems running smoothly all year long.
  • Energy Calculator
    Whether you're looking for a solar energy solution or just want to hear about your possible energy efficiency, utilize our handy calculators to figure out which choice is ideal based on your efficiency needs.
  • HVAC Repair
    No one is fine with an uncomfortable home. We provide repairs to your furnace, air conditioner and any other part of your HVAC equipment so you can get back to living in the lap of luxury, depending on your system and knowing that your equipment is operating efficiently.